Axil GS Extreme Earbuds

Axil Extreme“What?! Did you ask if I got my COVID booster? No? OH! Rooster!”

You never know what you might hear out in the field this year. But, with a pair of Axil GS Extreme Earbuds, I’m betting you won’t hear “booster.”

The Axil GS Extreme Earbuds offer great features such as:

  • 6X hearing enhancement (for those of us who haven’t done a great job protecting our hearing)
  • 29 DB noise reduction rating
  • 5.0 Bluetooth audio for smartphone communication
  • Shuts off sounds at 95 DB plus
  • Silicone and foam tip options for custom fit and noise reduction

I have tinnitus and my hearing is pretty damaged, but with the GS Extreme Earbuds I’ve started protecting my hearing and increasing the quality of my time in the field. I’m very impressed with the quality, functionality, and battery life. I’ve even purchased a few pairs for family and friends.

Axil offers some other models at higher price points that I’d be game to try, but with a sticker price of $199, the GS Extremes are hard to beat. Pick yourself up a pair or add them to your wishlist today. “I SAID…” — $149.


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