English Pointer

A combination of Foxhound, Bloodhound, Bull Terrier and Greyhound, the English Pointer often ranks at the top of the pointing breeds in performance. Mentioned as early as 1650, the English Pointer gained renown in the early 18th century for its excellence in catching a scent and directing the hunt. Today, in the South East United States, the English Pointer has grown to become the most popular bird dog around. A wonderful pointer for quail, this breed also works well hunting pheasant, woodcock and grouse. The English Pointer has a tremendous amount of speed and can be used to effectively flush birds. As a true competitor, these dogs often champion over others at Pointing Field Trials. However, the English Pointer is neither a water dog nor a retriever. In addition, he will be more effective in weather that is not too cold.

As an enthusiastic hunter and a high energy breed, the English Pointer requires lots of exercise. Furthermore, puppies will begin to demonstrate pointing abilities at 8 weeks old. Nevertheless, the English Pointer can make a wonderful house pet and a devoted and loyal companion.

With a short coat that is smooth and dense, the English Pointer is easy to keep well groomed. The coat will be primarily white in color with lemon, liver, black or orange markings that may be patched or speckled. The English Pointer may also be tri-colored.

This dog is between 21 and 24 inches in height at the shoulder and weighs between 44 and 66 pounds.

Photo Courtesy of Caliber Peak Kennels.

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