Orvis at Ultimate Upland

Headquarters: Arlington, VT
Company Established: 1856
Made in the USA: Sometimes

Employees: 1,700
Revenues: $220m

Orvis Hoodie

Orvis PRO Insulated Hoodie

I don’t recommend flipping a kayak in 40º air temps, 55º water and 25 mph winds in order to test a jacket. Luckily, I…

Orvis Sling Pack

Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack

There is a lot of crossover between fly fishing and upland hunting which got me thinking about gear in the same way. Even though…

Orvis Pro LT pants

Orvis PRO LT Hunting Pants

Early season upland hunting can be rewarding and memorable, providing the opportunity for close dog work, high bird counts, and some beautiful scenery. But,…

Orvis Pro LT pullover

Orvis PRO LT Hunting Pullover

I tend to run a little warm, even in cool temps, so I’m always struggling to find a lighter jacket for those frost-coated mornings.Fortunately,…

Orvis Pro LT Hunting Shirt

Orvis Pro LT Hunting Shirt

Details. This shirt, along with most of the latest Orvis upland apparel, is all about the details. Stretch fabric, articulated elbows, fast drying with…

Orvis Pro Series Vest

Orvis Pro Series Vest

  The upland game vest may be the single most-utilized piece of gear in upland hunting. Regardless the terrain, bird species, weather conditions…. the…

Orvis Barbour Jacket

Orvis Barbour Wax Jacket

  One of the biggest challenges I face hunting the open plains of North Dakota is the wind.  During the winter months the freezing…

Orvis Women's Upland Vest

Orvis’s Women’s Upland Vest

It’s hard to find a women’s specific upland vest—more often than not we are resorting to men’s vests that can be too large and…

Orvis Upland Shell

Orvis Upland Shell

Besides doing their part to support public access, Orvis is also making some great improvements to their upland gear. When the leaves have yet to drop…

Conservation Initiative:

Orvis commits 5% of its pre-tax profits to protecting nature, advancing canine health and well-being, and supporting the communities in which they operate, and where associates live. These initiatives fund the Orvis grant program.

Since 2009, Orvis and their customers have raised more than $1 million to help fund canine cancer research. The Morris Animal Foundation, the global leader in supporting scientific research that advances veterinary medicine, has used this funding to advance early cancer-detection tests, to implement safer and more effective chemotherapy protocols, and to develop a tumor tissue bank for common canine cancers. To date, Morris has funded 200 canine cancer studies at 28 colleges and universities. The Canine Lifetime Health Project and the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study are among their current veterinary initiatives.

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