Although the Brittany was first acknowledged as a breed in 1907, its history is much older. Noble images of this dog were depicted hunting and retrieving game in paintings and on tapestries beginning in the early 17th century. Originating in the French province of Brittany, this breed is compact, robust and sporty. The Brittany is most commonly found with an orange and white or liver and white coat, however he may also demonstrate a variety of other colors, including an orange or liver roan.

The Brittany has its advantages among the pointing breeds. Because of his size, he’s easier to kennel, board and travel with. In addition, he’s obedient, lively and makes an affectionate companion. Just be gentle with this little guy; he’s sensitive to reprimand and eager to please. As a hunter, he possesses a good nose, is spirited and has indefatigable urge to hunt. As a pointer, he is known as on of the most popular breeds in the world for bird hunting and his retrieving abilities set him apart from the rest. With his long hair and naturally short tail, the Brittany makes an adorable friend for the entire family.

The average size of this dog is between 17.5 and 20.5 inches tall and 30 to 40 pounds in weight.

Photo Courtesy of A Man and His Bird Dog.

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