Braque Francais

This dog is indeed a rare breed of gun dog that finds its origins all the way back in 14th century Mediterranean pointers. However, the earliest breed standards for this dog date back to 1683, when a French hunter and falconry enthusiast named Jacques Espee Selincourt penned a description of the then popular breed.

By 1920, two distinct types of the Braques Francais emerged. The larger of the two, the Gascogne type, has yet to be knowingly imported to North America. The Pyrenees type has become the more popular dog today and exists in sparing numbers in North America.

The Braque Francais is a field dog as opposed to a bench breed and is not officially recognized by the AKC. However, Federation Cynologique Internationale has a written breed standard for this dog that may be used as a guideline for those seeking this rare breed out.

The Braque Francais is sensitive and gentle in a family living environment. As a result, this dog prefers a more nurturing training approach to strict disciplinary tactics. A great housedog, this breed is also comfortable with water, scenting, retrieval and will learn best through field exposure.

With a short brown and white or brown roan coat that is smooth to the touch, this dog stands between 18 to 23 inches at the withers and weighs between 39 to 53 pounds.

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