Kali Parmley Bird Hunting

Cabela’s OutfitHer Upland Pants

With a myriad of upland gear available for men, women bird-chasers don’t have it that easy. Cabela’s has come to … Read more

Lowa Irox

Lowa Irox GTX Mid

  100% vegan boots. Let that sink in for a bit…….a hunter wearing vegan boots. Now what does that really … Read more

Orvis Barbour Jacket

Orvis Barbour Wax Jacket

  One of the biggest challenges I face hunting the open plains of North Dakota is the wind.  During the … Read more

Sitka Fanatic

Sitka Women’s Fanatic Hoodie

  Gear fit for women is few and far between, but Sitka has broken the barrier by creating gear designed … Read more

Filson Ultra Light Jacket

Filson Ultra Light Weight Jacket

  Filson may have built their reputation on their indestructible Tin Cloth, but if they keep turning out jackets like … Read more

Wolverine Terrain II

Every one of our miles afield this season the Wolverine Terrain II Mid-Cut Waterproof Trail Hiker ($142) have been on our feet. … Read more

Filson Vest

Filson Tin Game Bag Vest

  When climbing 70 degree inclines to chase Chukar to mountain peaks, I needed a lightweight, durable vest. The Filson … Read more

Dublin River and Le Chameau Jameson Boots

A new pair of shoes does not have to be a pair of luxury heels to be exhilarating. Waterproof and … Read more

Cabela's Fleece

Cabela’s Long-Sleeve Fleece

If you’ve stumbled into a Cabela’s store recently – and it’s tough not to because they are popping up like … Read more

Prois Women’s High Plains Brush Pants

So much for women having to fend for themselves in upland gear. Prois has quickly become the premier maker of … Read more

Kali Parmley Bird Hunting

FirstLite North Branch Softshell

Looking for a softshell jacket that can be warn in your early and late season hunts? Consider the North Branch Softshell … Read more

Beretta Windshield Sweater

A well-constructed wool shooting sweater that keeps you warm in the field can pull double duty as an outer layer. The Beretta … Read more

Orvis Upland Shell

Orvis Upland Shell

Besides doing their part to support public access, Orvis is also making some great improvements to their upland gear. When the leaves … Read more

Filson’s Stryker Jacket

We ended up hunting in South Dakota in some of the most brutal conditions I’ve ever experienced afield. Filson’s Stryker Jacket ($325) … Read more


Wolverine Bucksaw

Wolverine is a brand known and respected for durable footwear. We’ve tested a number of their boots and haven’t been … Read more

Carharrt Sweatshirt

Carhartt Rain Defender Paxton Sweatshirt

  Quite possibly the best sweatshirt ever made, crazy heavyweight and water resistant. Throw it in the truck so that … Read more


Keen Logans

I’m always in search of the next great boot because footwear design and materials evolve so quickly relative to other … Read more

Filson Double-Thick Belt and Goat Skin Gloves

Filson is widely renowned for their indestructible Tin Cloth clothing. But this season we’ve been especially impressed with the quality of … Read more

Tenzing BV15

Tenzing BV15 Upland Bird Vest Pack

For the upland hunter looking for a pack that holds more than just birds and shells, the choices are few … Read more

Eddie Bauer and Barbour Vests

The Eddie Bauer Micro Therm StormDown Vest or padded vest by Barbour offer the perfect form-fitting mid-layer for the field.  

Mabton Vest

Eddie Bauer Mabton Flats Vest

Despite the fact that women’s hunting gear has come a long way, overall, since I first started busting brush, it … Read more

UA Base 4.0

Under Armour Base 4.0

I’m not normally a long john kind of guy because trudging through thick cover tends to produce enough body heat … Read more

Orvis Pro Series Vest

Orvis Pro Series Vest

  The upland game vest may be the single most-utilized piece of gear in upland hunting. Regardless the terrain, bird … Read more

Cabela’s Unlined Deerskin Gloves

When afield we like leather gloves that have balance. We need maximum feel and functionality so that we can click … Read more