Dublin River and Le Chameau Jameson Boots

A new pair of shoes does not have to be a pair of luxury heels to be exhilarating. Waterproof and … Read more

LL Bean Upland Vest

L.L. Bean Technical Upland Vest Pack

An uplanders’ gear vest is one of the most crucial items in his/her arsenal, and can make or break a … Read more

Mabton Vest

Eddie Bauer Mabton Flats Vest

Despite the fact that women’s hunting gear has come a long way, overall, since I first started busting brush, it … Read more

Filson Double-Thick Belt and Goat Skin Gloves

Filson is widely renowned for their indestructible Tin Cloth clothing. But this season we’ve been especially impressed with the quality of … Read more

Filson Ultra Light Jacket

Filson Ultra Light Weight Jacket

  Filson may have built their reputation on their indestructible Tin Cloth, but if they keep turning out jackets like … Read more

Cabela’s Unlined Deerskin Gloves

When afield we like leather gloves that have balance. We need maximum feel and functionality so that we can click … Read more

Orvis Pro Series Vest

Orvis Pro Series Vest

  The upland game vest may be the single most-utilized piece of gear in upland hunting. Regardless the terrain, bird … Read more

Kali Parmley Bird Hunting

FirstLite North Branch Softshell

Looking for a softshell jacket that can be warn in your early and late season hunts? Consider the North Branch Softshell … Read more

Orvis Pro LT Hunting Shirt

Orvis Pro LT Hunting Shirt

Details. This shirt, along with most of the latest Orvis upland apparel, is all about the details. Stretch fabric, articulated … Read more

Kali Parmley Bird Hunting

Cabela’s OutfitHer Upland Pants

With a myriad of upland gear available for men, women bird-chasers don’t have it that easy. Cabela’s has come to … Read more

Prois Women’s High Plains Brush Pants

So much for women having to fend for themselves in upland gear. Prois has quickly become the premier maker of … Read more

Tenzing BV15

Tenzing BV15 Upland Bird Vest Pack

For the upland hunter looking for a pack that holds more than just birds and shells, the choices are few … Read more

Orvis Barbour Jacket

Orvis Barbour Wax Jacket

  One of the biggest challenges I face hunting the open plains of North Dakota is the wind.  During the … Read more

Cabela's Fleece

Cabela’s Long-Sleeve Fleece

If you’ve stumbled into a Cabela’s store recently – and it’s tough not to because they are popping up like … Read more

Wolverine Terrain II

Every one of our miles afield this season the Wolverine Terrain II Mid-Cut Waterproof Trail Hiker ($142) have been on our feet. … Read more

Orvis Upland Shell

Orvis Upland Shell

Besides doing their part to support public access, Orvis is also making some great improvements to their upland gear. When the leaves … Read more

Lowa Irox

Lowa Irox GTX Mid

  100% vegan boots. Let that sink in for a bit…….a hunter wearing vegan boots. Now what does that really … Read more

Merrell MQM

Merrell MQM Flex Gore-Tex

More than half of my season to date has been spent in the mountains chasing birds at elevation. I saw … Read more

Beretta Windshield Sweater

A well-constructed wool shooting sweater that keeps you warm in the field can pull double duty as an outer layer. The Beretta … Read more

UA Base 4.0

Under Armour Base 4.0

I’m not normally a long john kind of guy because trudging through thick cover tends to produce enough body heat … Read more


Keen Logans

I’m always in search of the next great boot because footwear design and materials evolve so quickly relative to other … Read more

Eddie Bauer and Barbour Vests

The Eddie Bauer Micro Therm StormDown Vest or padded vest by Barbour offer the perfect form-fitting mid-layer for the field.  

Filson Vest

Filson Tin Game Bag Vest

  When climbing 70 degree inclines to chase Chukar to mountain peaks, I needed a lightweight, durable vest. The Filson … Read more

Sitka Fanatic

Sitka Women’s Fanatic Hoodie

  Gear fit for women is few and far between, but Sitka has broken the barrier by creating gear designed … Read more


Wolverine Bucksaw

Wolverine is a brand known and respected for durable footwear. We’ve tested a number of their boots and haven’t been … Read more

Orvis Missouri Breaks

Orvis Women’s Missouri Breaks Field Pant

True, well-fitting upland pants for women are few and far between, and it seems like when a company makes a … Read more

Filson’s Stryker Jacket

We ended up hunting in South Dakota in some of the most brutal conditions I’ve ever experienced afield. Filson’s Stryker Jacket ($325) … Read more

Carharrt Sweatshirt

Carhartt Rain Defender Paxton Sweatshirt

  Quite possibly the best sweatshirt ever made, crazy heavyweight and water resistant. Throw it in the truck so that … Read more