German Longhair Pointer

Developed in Germany as an ideal gundog, the German Longhair Pointer is an elegant and muscular breed with athleticism and speed. The pure bloodlines and stringent breeding of this dog were established in 1879 and was further cultivated in 1890 with the advent of a German breed show exhibit. Five formidable stud dogs were used to develop the modern German Longhair Pointer seen today.

Possessing a dense undercoat this dog has a medium length wavy top coat accompanied by longer feathering. With a solid chocolate coloring, the German Longhair Pointer may also present white coloration on the muzzle, chest and paws. However, this dog can also be seen sporting chocolate roan or heage coloring.

As a hunter, the German Longhair Pointer is highly trainable and possesses a great intelligence and loyalty. A versatile dog, he is exceptional at tracking, pointing and retrieving and makes an excellent match for the upland hunter.

Males are between 24 to 28 inches tall at the withers while females are between 23 to 26 inches in height and weigh around 65 pounds.

Photo Courtesy of Hunting Dog Iago vom Domstein.

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