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Marsupial Bird Vest

Marsupial Gear Upland Bird Vest

As the wear and tear adds up on our current vest, which we’ve used pretty much exclusively afield for 7 years, it’s time to…

Alex the Great with Final Rise Vest

Final Rise Upland Vest

A newcomer to the upland gear scene, Final Rise was founded by chukar hunting nut and MtnOps VP of Marketing and Sales Matt Davis….

Orvis Pro Series Vest

Orvis Pro Series Vest

  The upland game vest may be the single most-utilized piece of gear in upland hunting. Regardless the terrain, bird species, weather conditions…. the…

Filson Vest

Filson Tin Game Bag Vest

  When climbing 70 degree inclines to chase Chukar to mountain peaks, I needed a lightweight, durable vest. The Filson Tin Game Bag is…