Epagnuel Breton

Epagnuel BretonCompact, energetic and a true companion this intelligent breed displays its versatility in the field as a both a pointer and retriever of a variety of game. The Epagnuel Breton, also known as the French Brittany, makes an excellent family pet with his docile manner and bright intelligence. Beloved for its knack for woodcock hunting, the breed was fine tuned in France during the early 20th century to become a superior pointer of upland game.

The Epagnuel Breton distinguishes itself from the American Brittany in breeding, size and appearance. Derived entirely from French bloodlines, the Epagnuel Breton is muscular and more compact, possessing a shorter muzzle and nose in addition to a sloped forehead. Moreover, this breed may possess some black in its coat, which is considered a big no-no for the American Brittany.

Seldom weighing more than 40 pounds, this dog maxes out at around 20 inches in height at the withers.

Photo Courtesy of L’Etoile du Nord Kennels.