Portuguese Pointer

Portuguese PointerRemarkably, this dog has maintained the same tight and sleek look that it began with when it was derived over 1000 years ago from Iberian hunting dogs. The Portuguese Pointer began her breeding in the royal kennels, however she eventually became an appealing hunting dog for the lower classes. Taken to England in the 18th century, this dog contributed to the foundation of the English Pointer breed. Due to socioeconomic strife in Portugal in the late 19th century, the Portuguese Pointer population declined greatly only to be revived in the 1920s by breeders who were able to locate some of the dogs derived from the ancient bloodlines.

Social, loyal and easily trainable this dog is a true athlete that is born to hunt in all terrains and weather. An attractive dog with her coarse, short coat and yellow or light brown color with white markings; she is a wonderful addition to any upland hunter’s family.

Standing between 20 to 22 inches at the withers, males weigh between 44 and 55 pounds while females will weigh between 35 and 48 pounds.

Photo Courtesy of Wingfoot Kennel.