Orvis PRO Insulated Hoodie

Orvis Hoodie

I don’t recommend flipping a kayak in 40º air temps, 55º water and 25 mph winds in order to test a jacket. Luckily, I already did this for you – actually, it wasn’t for you. But sometimes sh!t DOES happen and I’m glad I was wearing the Orvis PRO Insulated Hoodie for this soaking. 

Brutal conditions often reveal the best gear. The Primaloft Gold insulation along with the Polartec Alpha side panels and snug fitting hood staved off hypothermia while I beached my boat and recovered crucial gear separated during the wreck.

Even though Orvis puts this hoodie in their fishing lineup, you’ll be hard pressed to peel this jacket off me in any outdoor scenario — camping, hiking or bird hunting — $250.


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