Dogtra T&B Dual Trainer System

Dogtra T&B Dual Collar

Every upland hunter dreads the day when their collar system fails. The remains of my upland transmitter, sprinkled across the freshly cut grass, brought that day home this past summer. The pinch of a new system on my hunting budget had me scrambling into  the research weeds. My search ended with a clear front runner, the Dogtra T&B Dual Trainer System.

Compared to the competition this system features the best hand-held transmitter, boasts the longest transmission signal (reaching out to 1.5 miles), and has the broadest menu of training and hunting options.

The two-hour rapid charge topped my “favorite feature” list. The charger on the dual model has all three jacks on one line, making charging in your hunting rig a lot less cluttered. LEDs indicate the level of charge on each collar while the transmitter displays its own battery status on the OLED screen. Dogtra didn’t make any claims on the battery life per charge, but after three days of use, including one night where all three components were left on accidentally, I finally had to recharge them all on the fourth day.

Other unique features include the on/off feature between the remote and receivers, the compact two-in- one receiver/beeper, and a solid belt clip that kept the remote in place on the front of my vest.

The transmitter has two rheostat dials, one for each dog, used to select the desired stimulation level. From sweaty hands in the summer to thick gloves in the frigid late season, the three substantial buttons allow you to send accurate commands every time. The large OLED screen has a separate display for each dog and makes reading easy even in low-light situations.

So when the garden gnome leaves your transmitter in the yard (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), don’t hesitate to give Dogtra systems some serious consideration — $550.


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