Garmin Alpha 10

Garmin took the most popular, most used features from their other tracking and training collars and boiled them down into the smallest, most battery efficient handheld in their lineup. 

When paired with the TT15 Mini collars, the Garmin Alpha 10 becomes a powerful tool for tracking dogs and keeping them safe afield. I’ve had the opportunity to run it both in the woods and on open prairies and the operation has been flawless. 

Here’s the kicker that I learned on the last trip: you know when you finish a hunt, load everything back in the truck and head to camp BUT you forget to power down your tracking handheld? Normally, the following morning you realize it when you go to power it on at the first field the battery is dead. Well, that happened twice on the last trip with the Garmin Alpha 10 except the battery life is so good and power use so efficient the unit wasn’t dead and we were able to pick up right where we left off the previous day. . 

If you don’t want to be tied to a screen but want the security of knowing where your pups are at any time, the Alpha 10 is for you — $400.


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