Shooting the Browning 725 Feather in 20

Though it weighed in a little heavier than expected, the Browning Citori 725 Feather is a well-balanced straight shooter. MSRP for this 20 gauge is $2549.

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  • The higher weight is probably the wood. It is most likely denser than then the model used for average weight. I had the same thing happen with one of their 12 gauges.

    • Agree. But you wouldn’t think wood density would push it to 5-6 oz. I only believe the significance is because they obviously were trying to get to the sub 6 lb mark like some of the competitive break action 20s.

  • Great to see you having fun out there with Rio and Wyatt … still working so not much time to be at the range … still buying though. Will catch with you next year or so … love your stuff.

  • I purchased one this spring and it weighed exactly 5# 15 oz. with two 7/8 ounce 20 gauge shells on the postal scale beside it. The Citori 725 feather thin (er)/ lighter barrels
    make a big difference for balance and handling IMHO. I have shot 600 rounds of sporting clays through it this summer with 7/8 ounce shells. With the Browning inflex
    recoil pad the result is negligible recoil for report or true pair doubles. I have a Browning Citori Lightning Combo (20ga/28ga) that I have used for grouse, quail and pheasant hunting the last 5 years. While you get used to any gun you shoot and carry often , and the Lightning Combo is no different, Browning has done its homework for handling, balance, trigger pull and carry weight with the 725 20 gauge feather. Looking forward to being in the uplands with this fall. Best……

    • Go get ’em Tim.

      For shooting purists the idea of sub 6# guns can seem silly. It takes a bit of getting used to, but for those of us carrying long days afield, the weight savings over time makes a big difference.

      And now there is no going back. A 7# gun feels like a telephone pole.

  • Agree! I know I am spoiled. For 2 years I have owned a Citori Feather 725 in 12 gauge.
    It tips the scale at 6# 11 ounces. Proportionally larger with 28″ barrels, it is very well balanced for carry in the field. I do not feel fatigue with it like I did with other 12 gauge shotguns I have owned over #7 when you are an hour or two into a hunt.
    In fact, my experience with this 12 gauge feather made it a no-brainer to purchase the 20 gauge version. This 12 & 20 combo covers any upland game I will ever hunt in North America. IMHO the 725 is best upland over/under shotguns Browning has ever produced with the 725 feather versions a hidden gem always under reported in the trades and internet sites. Which is why I appreciated your video posting above here in 2016.Thank You. Best, Tim

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