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Zenbivy Light

I have a difficult time sleeping in traditional sleeping bags and mummy bags are out of the question. Most mornings after a bagged night I would wake with shoulders so stiff they could barely function from holding an unnatural position all night long. 

When I saw that Zenbivy had redesigned the traditional “bag” from the ground up making a sleeping system that allowed for more natural sleeping positions while preventing sliding off the sleeping pad and still providing enough warmth, I had to try it.  And the Zenbivy Light Bed has changed the way I sleep in the backcountry. 

All the components that comprise the 10° system — quilt, sheet, mattress and pillow — total less than five pounds of carry weight and compress to take up minimal room in a pack. Whenever “light” is in the name I immediately have quality concerns because I’m tough on gear and the bird dogs are tougher. But the quilt, sheet and pad had no problems keeping dogs and humans warm and comfortable. 

There is a small learning curve to configuring the bed, but the upside unlike a traditional bag, you are not limited on how it can be used. I found the 10° so warm in the early season that I could leave the quilt untucked and still stay plenty warm overnight.

An ingenious inflation system for the mattress uses the storage sack and reversible valve as a backcountry air compressor, no more huffing and puffing required, save your lungs for the climbing. 

Zenbivy lets you mix and match components to come up with the system that works best for your sleeping requirements. They’ve taken backcountry sleep comfort to a whole new level — Quilt $319, Sheet $120, Mattress $169, Pillow $39.

Zenbivy Sleep System



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