Thule AllTrail 45L Hiking Backpack

Thule Backpack I own lots of backpacks and I’m always hesitant to get a new one. But I’ve had pack envy for awhile because innovation in backpacks seems to outpace other gear. The piece of equipment that carries all your other equipment into the backcountry just might be the most important.  So, I took the leap into the Thule AllTrail 45L pack this season. 

I was drawn to the Versaclick system on the waist belt that lets you swap accessories like the the water bottle sleeve or the rooltop pocket. But I found the included Versaclick Pole Holder was the perfect place to secure an action camera on monopod. 

Access to gear through the side zipper makes life much easier on excursions. And the AllTrail has just the right amount of pockets and compartments — not too many to be confusing, not too few to be cluttered. 

When hiking with bird dogs, the built-in hydration bladder compatibility is a must.

Breathable straps, belt and back with tons of adjustment make for a perfect fit and made payloads over 50 pounds almost a joy. Almost.  For one to three overnights into the wild, I can’t imagine a better carry than this — $180.


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