L.L. Bean Technical Upland Vest Pack

LL Bean Upland Vest

An uplanders’ gear vest is one of the most crucial items in his/her arsenal, and can make or break a hunt. Luckily the L.L. Bean Technical Upland Vest fits the bill for any serious upland hunter. Constructed of lightweight, rip-resistant material backed with polyurethane to keep moisture out, the pack is great for both warm and cool weather hunts. Not too heavy or hot that it makes you swelter while you’re walking through the uplands, and has adjustable straps at the shoulders and waist so you can layer warmer clothes or a jacket under it, if you’re in colder weather.  

For the uplander who puts a lot of miles on in a day, or even camps for multiple day-long treks, the vest is hydration bladder compatible (sold separately). A detachable gear pouch is located on each shoulder strap, great for holding dog electronics, a cell phone, or handheld GPS – although I removed the pouch on the strap of my shooing shoulder, so it didn’t interfere when mounting my shotgun. The waistbelt has two top-load pockets that each hold a box of shells, ensuring you have more than enough powder to burn. There’s a large zippered compartment to store your energy bars, emergency kit, knife, etc., and also features two side-mounted water bottle carriers for the pups’ hydration.

Available in regular and long sizing, the vest comes in at $149, a competitive price with other upland vests on the market. 


LL Bean Vest

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