Coleman Steel-Belted Portable Cooler, 54 Quart

Coleman Cooler

Yes, I know, everyone and their brother has a roto-molded, armageddon-proof cooler that costs more than their actual freezer. There are umpteen companies now competing in the space, basically making the same heavy cooler with thick walls leaving minimal room for actual cooler contents. 

But, I had a space problem. I needed a cooler that fit a very specific space and needed room for more than two sandwiches and a can of soda. 

I went old school. The Coleman Steel-Belted 54 Quart has been around since the dinosaurs. Your grandad is probably still rocking this cooler. And there’s reason for that…….. it’s rock solid gear. 

I’m not sure if it will withstand a grizzly attack. But I am certain that this cooler will hold ice for 5-days or longer in cool weather. And if a bear happens to attack and destroy my Coleman cooler, I can buy five more to replace it for the price of one similar-sized  insanely heavy Abominable Snowman. I went with the red version, though the stainless steel might feature the requisite stickers better – $65.


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