Kent Bismuth

Kent Bismuth

In 1991 the use of lead shot was banned for all waterfowl hunting after a federal study showed that between 1.6 and 2.4 million waterfowl died annually from ingesting lead. Since then steel and other non-toxic shot has been the rule for duck hunters. 

Like it or not, that rule is coming to upland hunting, one state at a time, but it is coming. 

Kent has gotten out in front of that curve with Upland Bismuth for those chasing birds concerned with scattering lead into habitat. It also allows upland hunters to transition seamlessly in marshy areas, Waterfowl Production Areas or National Wildlife Refuges where lead shot is outlawed. 

It used to be nearly impossible to find non-toxic in shot sizes smaller than #4. Not anymore. Kent makes this Bismuth in tons of configurations including my goto 20 gauge #6 in 2-3/4″. I patterned it with my primary shotgun at the start of the season through multiple choke combinations and the performance was solid. The #6 shot gives me the density that I like to see, especially when chasing quail, woodcock and smaller birds. But, you never really know how a shell will perform on wild birds until you head to the field. 

Kent’s Upland Bismuth has been deadly,  an awesome combination with my shotgun making retrieves easy work for the Lab. I won’t look back or wait for the ban on lead to come to the states I hunt, forcing my hand. A bird hunter can never have enough ammo and it doesn’t go bad, so Kent shells make a great gift. 


Kent Bismuth

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