HydraPak 3L Bladder / HydraPak Seeker Water Bottle

HydraPak Bladder

Running bird dogs in country where there is minimal surface water, the only way to extend the hunt is to carry enough water. HydraPak’s 3L Bladder upfitted to my vest lets us keep hunting when the land is parched. The insulated drink tube helps keep the water flowing on chilly mornings. I remove the high-flow bite valve and utilize the twist valve to water the dogs. 

The slide-seal top makes it easier to fill at the truck, water tanks and streams. It also allows the entire bladder to be fully reversed for cleaning — just throw it straight in the dishwasher. 

Space and weight are always on my mind while bird hunting. That’s why the Seeker water storage makes a great solution. The more water you drink the smaller it collapses. And because it’s flexible it fits in any corner of a backpack, bird vest or bike trailer. HydraPak continues to have some of the best hydration products on the market — $42 Bladder, $20 2L Seeker


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