DUDE Shower Wipes

Dude Shower wipes

Though I was cutting as much weight as possible for an overland trek, I allowed for two luxuries: a toothbrush and a pack of DUDE Shower Wipes. Call me a prima donna, but it’s just reinvigorating to be able to wipe away the dirt, grime and sweat of trail toils prior to tucking into a sleeping bag. 

One of these extra large and thick wipes takes the place of five times the number of standard wet wipes. 

Here’s the pro tip that nobody else will share: I save used shower wipes in the corner of my pack and repurpose them as toilet paper, eliminating the need to carry both or find a clean leaf. I like these wipes so much, I now carry a pack in both the camper and the truck and have been known to clean up a stinking bird dog with one — $19.


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