Center of the Bird Hunting Universe

In our free time we tend to think in terms of upland birds, and this leads us down many paths, most of which are somewhat insane hence we don’t share. But, sometimes it’s just too good to ignore. This is one of those times, so follow along.

The Breeding Bird Survey is a government collaboration between the USGS and the Canadian Wildlife Service which is used to provide a perspective on bird populations throughout the continent. A lot of the details are boring, but one of the interesting results of these surveys is that for 13 of our venerable upland bird species, a little map showing population densities throughout the country in generated. Ultimate Upland, as honest taxpaying citizens, has taken the liberty of displaying these maps prominently throughout the Bird section of our site.

Today, we decided to go one step farther. In a very scientific and controlled fashion (cough cough), we overlaid all of these maps to form one map theorizing that the resultant darkest color on this combined map would precisely locate the densest population of game birds in the country. The image below shows the combined maps.


We identified the darkest red area and then highlighted this area below.


Next we added the state map as close to scale as we possibly could showing roads and municipalities.


Based on this, we zoomed-down to town level in order to identify this mecca of bird hunting.


So according to this experiment, to the best of our abilities we’ve positively identified Paradise as the center of the bird hunting universe.  Paradise, Kansas has an estimated population of 59. Originally founded as Ivamar, the city was renamed after a hunting party led by James Meade came upon the village of green grass after trekking through miles of burnt prairie. The sight looked like paradise to the hunters.*source wikipedia 

Now don’t go buying up all the land around there until we get our little piece of bird hunting heaven first. We call dibs on bird hunting in Paradise.

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