Government Shutdown Attempts to Cripple Hunters

Visit the websites of the Department of the Interior, the US Forest Service or the National Park Service and you will be greeted by a message much like the one below:

Due to the lapse of appropriated funds, all public lands managed by the Interior Department (National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, Bureau of Land Management facilities, etc) will be closed.

Apparently the federal government has decided that they will attempt to close the roughly 28% of the United States’ land mass of which they claim ownership.

What they fail to recognize is that the citizens own that land. We do not need their permission to access our land. They may administer and manage the resources with federal employees who are certainly impacted by a government shutdown. But it is a serious overstep of federal authority to believe they can prevent access to land owned by the people.

This is political posturing at its worst. An obvious attempt to create hardship for hunters and outdoorsman. Contact your Representative, Senators and the White House and let them know that you will not stand for  them using your land as a poker chip in their debate.

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