The Upland Game Show

Be sure to check out this fun and engaging platform for bird hunters to share experiences in the field while competing for bragging rights and prizes. Test your own upland knowledge by playing along in real time and comparing your answers to the contestants.

Episode 8: Experienced grouse chasers from the Northwoods, BUT will hunting knowledge and writing experience truly help them in this battle of bird brain trivia? The winner gets bragging rights and the loser will be wearing a skirt…… errrr…kilt…. on an upland excursion this fall.

Learn how Craig Doherty and Gregg Elliott use long-legged pointing beasts to hunt Ruffed Grouse in the Northeast. Get to know the guys behind the writing of articles you’ve seen in Pointing Dog Journal and Shooting Sportsman.

Episode 7: Talk about gun dogs, pheasant hunting and how these sisters got started in the upland pursuit weaves through the competition. By the end of the show, Elizabeth or Maddie will have bragging rights and the other will be choking down a serving of straight mustard. No points for second place!

A love for German Shorthairs and the outdoors brought these sisters to the uplands.

Episode 6: Texans KC and Tyler walk us through their Texas hunting experiences while getting peppered with questions. Nobody is safe when we put these two in front of a camera, especially when they are competing for bragging rights on The Upland Game Show.

SPOILER ALERT: One of these two will be wearing hot pink shoe laces for the entire hunting season — because there are no points for second place and everyone has skin in the game.

Episode 5: Huntress View battles through questions on upland hunting and the outdoors to avoid the loser’s fate, Beer-Chug Burpees.

Andrea and Sarah don’t let limited upland hunting experience prevent them from taking on the challenge. The winner gets Ultimate Upland swag and bragging rights, the loser will get a punishment of their own invention.

Idaho hunting to Missouri hunting, Bobwhite quail, shotguns for women, conservation, gear — we cover a lot of ground in this episode.

Episode 4: A household of dedicated Ruffed Grouse advocates compete for bragging rights and Ultimate Upland swag in a trivia battle that wanders across the uplands from bird dogs to shotgunning…… and ends with a pie to the face.

Gretchen and Greg lead an active chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society in Southern Ohio. They bring that passion for upland birds to this episode of The Upland Game Show.

Episode 3: A couple of serious ruffed grouse hunters take on a trivia challenge for bragging rights and swag. Loser gets a shot of hot sauce. Join us as we talk about bird dogs, breed snobs, the American Woodcock migration and Annie Oakley.

Episode 2: An upland hunter from Minnesota matches wits with a couple of rookies from Ohio as they share days afield and compete in trivia. The winner gets bragging rights and swag while spoonfuls of warm mayonnaise await the losers.

Episode 1: This battle between Jason and Steve started it all.  We take a winding path through bird dogs, game birds and shotguns — everyone gets a chance to learn a little something while competing for the title.

The winner receives bragging rights, cool swag and prizes while the loser gets instant punishment.

Be sure to catch Way Upland: Season 1 if you’d like to climb some mountains in search of birds. See how a month of climbing and camping at elevation takes a toll.