The truth is the best gun is the one you are comfortable shooting. That may be the firearm professionally fitted and shot relentlessly or other times it’s just the shotgun tied to memories in the field. The gun that your dad used and his dad used. The gun used to teach your daughter to shoot. The gun that helped you pull off that miracle double in hurricane winds. The gun that cost a fraction of your hunting buddy’s yet always manages to outshoot his.

And sure, all weapons have inherent weaknesses and strengths. But regardless of editorial comment, Uncle Buck will still field that rusty hogleg that hasn’t seen oil since the embargo of ’73. And who doesn’t love seeing a five-and-dime bang stick outshoot the five figure Michelangelo? (except the guy who paid for the Michelangelo)

Simply put, a closed-minded shooting sportsman has a lonely gunsafe.

When you stumble upon the truly perfect upland gun for every situation and species, shout from the nearest hilltop in the hopes that it’s weaknesses will be exploited forcing you to buy the next perfect gun. Thereby the cycle continues, and the world is a happy place. But seriously, if you do find the perfect gun, let us know.

Peasant with Double

Why Peasants Shoot Doubles


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