2020 Gift Guide for Bird Hunters

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been good for much besides getting outside far away from others and online shopping.  We’ve done our part testing new gear in wild places. Wishing all a safe holiday season shared with close friends and family afield.

Dude Shower wipes

DUDE Shower Wipes

Though I was cutting as much weight as possible for an overland trek, I allowed for two luxuries: a toothbrush and a pack of…

Gerber ComplEAT

Gerber ComplEAT

Alex and I were huddled around burners staring at cookpots waiting for water to boil on the inaugural night of a backcountry trip. It…

Lacrosse Boots

LaCrosse Windrose Boots

Model: Brown, 8”, Non-Insulated, Waterproof When I started planning for my elk hunt in Colorado, I knew I wanted a lightweight, waterproof, athletic-style boot….

Alex the Great with Final Rise Vest

Final Rise Upland Vest

A newcomer to the upland gear scene, Final Rise was founded by chukar hunting nut and MtnOps VP of Marketing and Sales Matt Davis….


Gerber Crucial

Weight, weight, weight… no, seriously. I have carried a multi-tool in my bird vest for years. And the number of times I used that…

Lewis and Clark Trail Sign

Undaunted Courage

It’s hard to say exactly how many times I crossed the Lewis and Clark trail this season. Everytime I see the roadside signs it…

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