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Benchmade 560 Freek

Benchmade 560


We’re perennial fans of Benchmade knives: high-quality, edge retention, one handed opening, reversible clips on most models. What’s not to like? But here’s what makes the Freek stand out: it’s crazy lightweight. Benchmade has found a way to replace some of the metal components with space-age materials that don’t compromise quality. Unlike other Benchmade models, the Freek’s handle is made of Versaflex which makes it grippy. Why that’s important for birdhunters is pretty simple – it’s stickier in the pocket, not exactly glued in there but seeded. While walking through heavy cover the branches or thick brush aren’t going to be able to pry the Freek from its place. The ability to clean birds back at the truck is always better than cursing the pickpockets afield – $111 click here to learn more.


Cross Country Drive to Visit Benchmade

When the bird hunting season was winding down I needed to find an activity to fill the void. When the folks at Benchmade Knife Company heard about my 16-year-old nephew Zach’s interest in blade design they offered to give us a VIP tour of their facility. Since Zach is also trying to accumulate enough hours behind the wheel to qualify for his driver’s license it seemed like a good opportunity for a road trip.

At the end of the week we’ll embark on this Ultimate Upland Off-Season Odyssey which will cover 5,000 miles in just 10 days. Looking forward to learning more about what goes into knife development. We got an overview of Benchmade’s Mini-Landslide while at SHOT show.

Can’t wait to see more innovations once we reach the left coast.