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Lowa Irox GTX Mid

Lowa Irox


100% vegan boots. Let that sink in for a bit…….a hunter wearing vegan boots. Now what does that really mean? One thing I know for sure is when leather gets wet it gets heavy. And heavy feet aren’t good when covering lots of miles. Whether shale slides, gnarly grouse woods or prairie grasses, upland boots need to perform, preferably just a single pair. That’s a tough ask but the Lowa Irox GTX have risen to the task. Waterproof GORE-TEX® lined, fully synthetic, lightweight with toe and heel abrasion guards, a fairly rigid sole to protect from repetitious pounding. I’ve been impressed with the Irox performance and it may be the first season I can remember where a single pair of boots survives the entire gauntlet. Hardiest vegan we’ve ever encountered – $260 click here to learn more.

Top Gear for Bird Hunters from SHOT Show 2014

We’re finally back from SHOT and now planning our last hunt of the season. Here’s our round up of some of the great new gear for bird hunters being rolled out this year.

The Syren by Caesar Guerini is a high grade O/U made specifically for women. It’s great to see shotgun makers beginning to take notice of the largest growth segment of our sport and certainly look forward to seeing more women take part in upland hunting.


Some thought went into this Filson Front Loading Shooting Shirt. Filson always has great products for bird hunters, but this breaks the standard mold. And the Seattle-Cut clothing that they are now developing shows that Filson is looking to do some much needed upgrades for performance clothing while still retaining the historic quality of their products.


Wolverine is expanding their lineup of boots for women and continuing to develop new innovation in footwear. The Alert and the Sightline both fall into the category of lightweight, waterproof boots that I like to take to the field.


Benchmade is phasing out their Lone Wolf line and have returned to the hunting segment with Benchmade HUNT. These are beefy blades crafted specifically for hunters. Expect all the same quality and service associated with the Benchmade brand, but now get an edge and a steel that are optimized for butchering game. Check out some of the videos on their YouTube channel.


With onXmaps Hunt it just became a lot easier to attain landowner permission for hunting. OnXmaps will also keep you on the right side of the boundary on public lands and WMAs. We’ll be using it to help plan our next bird hunt.


Wolverine Terrain II

Wolverine Terrain II Boots

Every one of our miles afield this season the Wolverine Terrain II Mid-Cut Waterproof Trail Hiker ($142) have been on our feet. Aggressive soles, waterproof and rugged — you really can’t ask for much more from a hunting boot. But when you cover as much ground as we do, weight is the primary concern. The Terrain II weigh in at a slight 15 ounces each which is exactly why we’ve looked beyond Wolverine’s expansive hunting line to a boot they classify as hiking. We like to combine a low cut boot with a pant inseam a bit long for best results in the upland field. Wolverine makes these boots in standard and extra-wide to fit any foot. Click here to get your pair.