SHOT Show 2013 – Wolverine Boots

Good boots are key to a good hunt. And we’re harder on our footwear than the average hunter. It drives me crazy that so many “new” hunting boots are based on old school designs and technology which tends to make them heavy and hard to break in. Upland hunters need to change their perspective; stop assuming that a boot needs to have a specific look and start thinking about how you need them to perform.

I want a boot that is lightweight so that I can put lots of miles on without it taking a toll on my joints. I want it to be waterproof but not soak my feet from sweat. I want an aggressive sole that will work for both grassland and mountain terrain. And above all I want it to be made of new light materials that are rugged and will hold up to a beating.

This Terrain II from Wolverine seems to fit the bill and I’m extremely impressed with the weight of 15 ounces which is two ounces lighter than the boots I hunted in all season. That may not sound like much weight, but when you’re hiking hundreds of miles it really adds up. We’ll be throwing a pair of these on our feet to finish out the season.

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