SHOT Show 2013 – BugBand

Many of you followed along as I hunted the North Woods with Rio the young Jornada llewellin on her first grouse hunt this fall. Prior to that trip I had always thought that Frontline was bullet proof protection from ticks. But even though I had just applied a new dose, after every walk in the woods we’d return to vehicle and I would notice 15-20 deer ticks all migrating towards Rio’s head.


We obviously needed something to apply from tip to tail, but that also wouldn’t be harmful if ingested since dogs will obviously lick. None of the local shops in the rural area had any suggestions. They obviously hadn’t heard of BugBand who have a full line of natural products derived from geranium oil.

I’m excited to put these to the test while grouse hunting. Though there are all sorts of guns and gadgets at SHOT, this is truly one of my big finds. Anything that helps protect my hunting dogs from evil disease-ridden ticks is a good thing.

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  • sadly last fall i lost my beloved golden retriever to anaplasmosis, a tick born disease that there is no vaccine for,.i believe that front line is the cause of his death. sadly for front line to work the tick has to bite and the enzymes of the tick to prevent the blood fro coagulating,

    • Sorry to hear about your retriever, Tom. Ticks are scary little creatures and it’s going to be a bad year for them because of mild winters in so many areas.

  • Have you tried SENTINEL spectrum. Works for my setters & GSP. No fleas, ticks or heart worms. The only ones I have ever found on any of my dogs were dead ones.

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