Beretta 391 

Fast, smooth cycling with oodles of shots, pretty much sums it up.

There are two breeds of autoloader, the inertia driven or the gas operated. Inertia use rearward movement of the barrel or internal parts after a shot in order to cycle the action. Gas operated cycle with pressure collected from shell discharge.

Older automatics were often considered heavy and unwieldy, although modern design and materials have lightened the load for a lot of these weapons. Likely the biggest benefit of the auto is the lessened recoil and soft shooting nature combined with multiple fast repetititve shooting.

The downside to the smooth shooting is the relative high maintenance. Lots of moving parts means lots of opportunity for moving parts to break. Autoloaders also tend to get dirty faster, and when sufficiently fouled there will be no fuego.

Newer models have become more reliable, and many include the added bonus of stock adjustment shims allowing the hunter to tweak the gun to his frame and liking.

Autoloader Shotgun

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