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There is a lot of down time during the season. Early on when the weather is still hot, that down … Read more

UST Wetfire

UST Wetfire Tinder

A human can survive without food for three weeks. Hypothermia and exposure are the real killers in the wild. I’ve … Read more

Camp Chef Rainier Campers Combo Stove

Small and portable, the Camp Chef Rainier Campers Combo Stove ($153) is complete with a one-burner stove, and a non-stick griddle and grill. The … Read more

NEMO Dagger

NEMO Equipment Dagger Tent

The NEMO Equipment Dagger 2 Person Tent weighed in a full 2 lbs. lighter than my old backpacking tent. That may not … Read more

Helio Pressure Shower

Hunting in Alaska this year I went 20 days without a shower. Never again. NEMO makes the Helio Pressure Shower ($99) specifically … Read more

The Brute Cooler

The Brute Cooler is appropriately named — hard core, roto-molded, large handles, rubber latches — it’s got it all. Made in … Read more