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Labrador Retriever

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This breed originated on the Canadian island of Newfoundland in an Irish migrant area called St. John’s. These men needed dogs that could help them to retrieve fishnets in the water, carry ropes between boats and tor dories. Initially known as the St. John’s Water Dog, the Labrador became a popular staple on every fisherman’s boats and was known for its loyalty and sense of duty.

English ships brought the Labrador back from Newfoundland in the 1800s. Once across the pond, the dogs were bred with retrievers, spaniels and setters. The result was an already excellent water breed with more fine-tuned hunting abilities. Obedient and dutiful, the Labrador makes an excellent service animal, accounting for 60-70% of all of Canada’s guide dogs.

Not only does this breed make a wonderful family companion and devoted working dog, the Labrador can be an excellent gundog. Whether the intention is to hunt from pit blinds, boats, under a large decoy or within a remote location, the Labrador can be a steady partner with great endurance.

A medium sized breed, this retriever has a robust build and an athletic confirmation. His coat is dense, short and water resistant for working in the water. The Labrador will vary in color from black to yellow to chocolate.

Males will be between 22.5 and 24.5 inches in height while females will be between 21.5 and 23.5 inches at the shoulder. In working condition males will weigh between 65 and 80 pounds while females will weigh between 55 and 70 pounds.

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    List your kennel information or litter announcements here.

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    Tyson Bradford

    These pups are top of the line POINTING LABS with a pedigree that is very impressive. We have 3 males left and are ready to go to their new homes NOW reaching eight weeks of age. We have shipped pups to Alaska, California, Colorado and some in Utah so they are high in demand across the country. If you are looking for a dog that should be able to not only hunt, but compete in AKC, APLA Hunt Tests and have a family friendly demeanor, you will want to check out this litter. The Sire Guster’s titles speak for himself. He is a MASTER HUNTER through the AKC and a 4xGMPR titles male through the APLA holding both of the highest titles in both organizations besides chasing the MNH title through the AKC. These titles are critical to look for in the pedigree looking for a long history of these types of dogs with these certifications. Guster’s titles show he is capable of playing in both arenas.

    Piper is primarily a hunting and family dog but is 100% percent on all of her testing. She has her Junior Hunter through the AKC and also her CPR title through the APLA. She is explosive on her water entries and has always pointed hard from a pup. She handles and is trained to a higher level. This combination of parents should produce the same type of quality dogs. Both these dogs are excellent markers and upland pointing labs. They both have solid pedigrees with tons of titled dogs from the APLA and AKC, you can check them out for more details. These puppies are black, but are tri-factored, so you should get chocolate and yellow if desiring to have pups. A litter like this, that is tri-factored, but still are black is hard to come by. Puppies come with 28 month health guarantee and are EIC and CNM Clear. For more info go to http://www.utahpointinglabs.com and you can check out some videos of them with the links below. Thanks for looking and good hunting! Please call with any questions at 801-592-4115.




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