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Upland Hunting Dogs

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Heated debates will continue to fill the halls of hunting lodges everywhere on what dog reigns supreme in the upland arena. There are so many variables when talking upland hunting — species of bird, terrain, weather, number of dogs fielded, solo hunter or a group, etc etc — to crown a single breed is a misconception. And why should we? The debates are fun and good for the sport.

Putting your four-legged partners in the field is an integral part of the upland hunting challenge, and whether they are Grand Champions or Grand Mongrels, are you really going to care when their nose leads you to the next flush? The combination of genetics, training and on-the-job experience makes hunting with dogs an amazing thing to behold.

In the interest of fueling discussion we’ve summarized a number of breeds (and of course we’ve probably left a few out as well), but we’ll continue to expand and improve this section as feedback arrives.

Bird Hunting Dogs
Deer Tick

SHOT Show 2013 – BugBand

Many of you followed along as I hunted the North Woods with Rio the young Jornada llewellin on her first grouse hunt this fall. Prior to that trip I had always thought that Frontline was bullet proof protection from ticks. But even though I had just applied a new dose, after every walk in the … Read more

Lab on Mountain

Keeping Weight on Your Bird Dog

When we’re not in the field, my dogs get fed premium dog food twice a day. Normally I don’t even need a clock in the house because they start getting antsy when meal times near. I think this is why it’s so confounding that when we go hunting their interest in food is trumped by … Read more

Bird Hunting Dinosaurs

The Ancient Beginnings of the Bird Dog?

It truly is amazing what modern science can deduce from fossils. For those of you who grew up as dino fans as I did, I had to share this interesting article and accompanying rendering of bird hunting raptors. They may be a bit hard to train, but apparently shotgun would not be required either. Checkout … Read more